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Like a cornerstone, a vibrant heart lays the foundation to a healthy life.

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Our Story

   Heartstone Functional Health with strong foundations in functional medicine and functional movement. We loved getting people out of pain fast! But, very quickly on we realized that most physical issues had root triggers coming from the core. 

   We began to apply more functional medicine approaches to address the dysfunction coming from within the gut. We had great success! But, there were some similarities we couldn't ignore.

   We discovered that most digestive, hormonal, and metabolic issues are rooted in stress and negative emotions. This changed our practice entirely!

   This discovery revolutionized our methods and approach to wellness. We eliminated the idea of a protocol, and created standards for customized health plans.

   Now, we are using and refining our skills to establish a new approach to true wholistic medicine.

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Our Approach

This represents the three pillars of health we focus on. Chemical, emotional, and physical well-being is what's prioritized.

Our Services

Chiropractic/ Manual Therapy

We offer chiropractic adjustments and many manual therapy options. Our techniques are designed to release tension and promote relaxation. We use these to address pain, dysfunction, and even emotional tension.

Functional Movement

We prioritize good movement for all ages. We offer personalized yoga-based trainings and biomechanical training to help you maintain proper joint support, balance, and coordination for everything from daily locomotion to heavy physical activity.

Functional Medicine

We utilize detailed testing and years of experience to determine key dysfunctional pathways and find effective natural treatments options to correct many disease patterns and internal irregularities. We focus heavily on dietary patterns.

Emotional Release

We address emotional burdens by releasing the physical tension caused by it, utilizing corrective breath work, and integrating trapped emotion release through the Emotion Code technique.


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   We believe that functionality is the key to wellness. If you function well, you are well.

   We address the three foundational pillars of health; the physical state, chemical state, and the emotional state. 

   By improving function in all three of these categories, your health will improve. We believe this stands true for all conditions. 

   Best of all, we do it all naturally and effectively with you as the priority.

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Email:  /  Tel: 314-730-5434   

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