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Service is the purest form of love, where actions speak louder than words, and care is woven into every gesture.


All of our services are directed toward improving function in any three ways; physical, chemical, or emotional improvement.

This is the triangle of health we focus on at Heartstone. The physical, chemical, and emotional well-being of every patient.

Chiropractic and Manual Therapy

We offer many different chiropractic techniques including manual full-spine adjustments, Logan basic, and activator technique. We also perform muscle and soft tissue release, both manual and instrument assisted, trigger point therapy, cupping, and gentle joint mobilization. We utilized these services to help eliminate pain, improve function, and reduce tension hot spots. Our focus is to support and maintain a healthy nervous system and all the tissues around it.

We offer many different chiropractic techniques including manual full-spine adjustments, Logan basic, and activator technique

Functional Movement Training

We breakdown everyday movements into their biomechanical components to find efficient corrections. We utilized many teaching methods that focus on the core natural movements that we develop instinctually after birth. We train primarily yoga-based movement patterns for convenient and effective improvement. We also help you maintain ideal nerve mobilization, and leave you with home exercises for quicker results.

Graph of the human body and joints to show that provide functional movement services like yoga and chiropractic adjustments.

Functional Medicine Consulting

We offer complete and comprehensive testing to help identify the cause of most health conditions. We have extensive experience helping people reverse conditions that most doctors just throw a pill at. We are heavily diet focused and provide in-debt nutritional consultation to ensure the best path toward recovery. We are completely natural, wholistic, and conservative with our recommendations. We use food and herbal therapy to achieve the most significant changes.

A picture of test tubes and test results. We do hormone testing, food allergy testing, stool samples, and gut testing.

Emotional Release Methods

We prioritized the emotional state and utilize as many resources as are within our ability to help you overcome destructive negative emotions. We are Emotion Code certified, and use this muscle-testing energy release to quickly release trapped emotions. We also address physical emotional tension in the body, and use natural solutions to balance the stress response. We commonly will train and actively use breath-work as a effective strategy as well.

The emotion code is used to find trapped emotions in the body that may be causing pain and then release them
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